Apartment Investing 101 (PRESALE)

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Apartment Investing 101 (PRESALE)

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Our claim to fame is the fact that we bought a 52 unit apartment complex and in doing so we created 2 million dollars in equity in just six months!

Yeah you heard that right.. that fast!

See a lot of people teach wholesaling but not a lot of people teach the science of finding off market apartment complexes that have untapped value that YOU and your family can capture.

That is exactly what WE are doing in this multiple module masterclass.

This is the information that other communities know and execute that we just aren't privy to.

So we are taking our experience and doing just that.

In this class you will learn the art of:

Finding apartment complexes

Negotiating the deal

Putting your team together

Structuring the deal

Financing the apartment deal

Quickly unlocking the value in the project to increase the value substantially and along with it your net worth.

BONUS: You will get the checklists and spreadsheets we use to analyze a deal and ensure that we conduct proper due diligence making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

This is how millionaire are created and YOU will be the next one if you follow our steps.

Course to be released August 15, 2022.

Not financial advice. Please seek a financial advisor for advice specific to your financial situation. Not legal advice and does not purport to be legal advice. EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.

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